Red Bull and Slow Cow – A Tale of Two Beverages

We just published an article titled “Effects of commercial energy drink consumption on athletic performance and body composition” in the April issue of The Physician and Sportsmedicine (@PhysSportsMed).  I collaborated with two other faculty members at my university on this review of energy drink literature.  We focused primarily on the effects of energy drinks (e.g. Red Bull, Monster, Rock Star, etc.) on weight loss and athletic performance enhancement.  However, we also provided a look ahead to the antithesis of the energy drink – the aptly titled anti-energy drink.  There are a number of products in this emerging market as well (e.g., Slow Cow, Drank, Malava Novocaine).  Slow Cow, in particular, seems to play off of the name of energy drink leader Red Bull – but its creator maintained he was otherwise inspired for the name. 

 It was an interesting review to work on and represents a natural progression from a previous safety-focused article on this topic.