I am a university professor focused on consumer health informatics & digital health from a pharmacy perspective with an increased focus on the triad of prediabetes/diabetes, obesity, and sleep. During the last few years I began exploring the potential of blockchain in healthcare – it has been a particularly interesting journey so far. My professional interests also include the topics of medication adherence, participatory medicine, and health literacy. I am always searching for ways to improve in the trinity of teaching, research, and service and am currently enamored with cognitive load theory and elements of design in health care.

I have also worked as a consultant since 2000. Highlights of that role include competitive technical intelligence projects for small to mid-sized pharmaceutical companies and a really exciting eHealth project for The-Organization-That-Must-Not-Be-Named. I have also been blessed to work with some incredible people and organizations over the years in an advisory capacity, but am most consistently amazed by the organizers, patients, and participants I see involved with Stanford Medicine X. Distractions include following my favorite teams in football (Titans) and soccer (USMNT, Arsenal, Lincoln City) and hockey (Predators).


On occasion my work generates interest by specialty or mainstream press. And then I have to meet with a media liaison. Followed by a fact checker. If it gets that far, sometimes I will post it under MEDIA.

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