Selected ongoing and completed scholarly works are categorized below; links are embedded in the initial word of each title (when available). Please click HERE if you want to access the full list of Medline-indexed journal articles that I have authored or co-authored. For research efforts that have generated press coverage, please go to the MEDIA section.

Digital Health & mHealth
Impact of mobile app use on medication adherence in HIV (active)
Effect of text messaging and health literacy in diabetes
How to identify, assess and utilise mobile medical applications in clinical practice
mHealth and pharmacy in health care
Opportunities for pharmacists in mHealth
Systematic evaluation of paediatric medicine information in CDS on smartphones
Safety and security on the Internet: challenges and advances in WHO Member States

Informatics & Education
Patient partnership in medical conferences
Development and implementation of a health informatics curriculum
Role of residency interview prep on pharmacy residency match rates
Development of a residency interviewing preparatory seminar
Knowledge, skills, and resources for pharmacy informatics education
Concurrent use of clickers at a multi-campus college of pharmacy
E-prescribing: attitudes and perceptions of pharmacists in Puerto Rico
Evaluation of drug information databases for personal digital assistants

Social Media in Health Care
Instagram, medication-related hashtags, and privacy  (active)
Professional and personal use of social media by pharmacy students (in preparation)
Analysis of pharmacists’ use of Twitter
Social media use among pharmacy students
Pharmacist use of social media
Use of blogs by pharmacists
Scope, completeness, and accuracy of drug information in Wikipedia

Cognitive and performance enhancing medication use for poker
Patient attitudes toward community pharmacy attire
Readability of patient leaflets for diabetes and chronic fatigue syndrome
Open-access publishing for pharmacy-focused journals
Safety issues associated with commercially available energy drinks
Community pharmacists’ use of language access services