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I was recently catching up on the excellent Science-Based Pharmacy blog and came across a post about this simply fantastic comic strip on homeopathy.  It’s not a comic strip in the normal sense of the phrase, it’s almost like a pared down version of a graphic novel.  It does an amazing job of using visuals to help tell the story of, and describe the process behind, homeopathic ‘medicine’. 

I poked around and found a comic series that resonated with me even more that Darryl Cunningham (@DarrylToon) did about Andrew Wakefield and the MMR vaccine.  It’s just really brilliant work and well worth clicking on and checking out.

 Finally, Cunningham has written and illustrated the graphic novel Psychiatric Tales: Eleven Graphic Stories About Mental Illness (following a UK edition).  It has generated a lot of pre-release buzz as well as some great reviews.  From the description:

…draws on Darryl Cunningham’s time working in a psychiatric ward to give a reasoned and sympathetic look into the world of mental illness. In each chapter, Cunningham explores a different mental health problem, using evocative imagery to describe the experience of mental illness, both from the point of view of those beset by illness and their friends and relatives. As Cunningham reveals this human experience, he also shows how society’s perceptions of and reactions to mental illness perpetuate needless stigma…

Click image to see full comic

Despite the glowing words, I have no vested interest in this art.  I just think it has a spark of genius in its (deceptively) elegant simplicity and should be shared.


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