Most of my didactic and experiential teaching at University is focused on consumer health informatics/digital health for the PharmD and Master of Science in Health Care Informatics programs. In particular, consumer health informatics is a very fluid field and, by necessity, so are its courses. Our broader approach to developing and offering multi-tiered health care informatics educational opportunities was recently published in JAMIA. I also get to work with students on experiential and research efforts. However, below I am focused on presenting a recent snapshot of my Consumer Health Informatics course. At the end of every semester I ask the students to share one thing about the course they would add, one they would delete, and one they would modify. So there is a fair chance that one quarter of these topics will have changed by the time you are seeing this.

Selected Lecture Topics: Digital Health Discoveries, Blockchain and Emerging Tech, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Wearables, Shareables, and Invisibles, IoT, Data visualization, Serious Gaming

Another key part of the course are the assignments. Preferably hands-on whenever creative financing allows. During the last offering, students were issued several devices to allow them to explore the following course assignments. One of the newest additions is a paws-on assignment with Cryptokitties.

Wearable technology for sleep and activity tracking

Virtual reality applications for health care
Color shot of a young man looking through card board

Mobile app or device design (conceptual builds)

How to Make an App Software Tile Wall of Apps Icons

The Ethereum Network, Gamification, and Genetics

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